Fashion Designers in Windows at The Last Hotel STL [video]

Designers work in display windows of The Last Hotel : Barbara Bultman, Magan Blanchard, Courtney Tharpe, Taylor Cassidy, Amanda Casarez, Madison Fay

Fashion designers at The Last Hotel STL were working in the window displays during Fashion Anarchy, a local designer competition that consisted of three winners from the last three preliminary competitions.

I went outside and walked across the street and it looked like the downtown I used to visit as a kid in the 60’s. Downtown was booming at the time and we would take rides periodically to see the sights. Will downtown ever comeback. I know it will and it’s already happening.


Barbara Bultman wins Fashion Anarchy at The Last Hotel

VIDEO: Barbara Bultman, a well known fashion designer, won the Fashion Anarchy Final at The Last Hotel STL in the Historic Garment District neighborhood in Downtown St. Louis. Barbara will now take residency at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund for one year. The ensemble she created was a wearable work of art created within 24 hours. Right after winning, she turned to her student designer and said (a paraphrase at best) I couldn’t have done it without your help. That was one of the nicest things ever!

I like to create pieces that are structural, sophisticated and detail oriented, while still showing the silhouettes of the female body

Barbara Bultman

Fashion Anarchy is a fashion competition by It’s very similar to Project Runway where designers get limited time to create their clothes.

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The Last Hotel STL – the sunset from rooftop

VIDEO THE LAST HOTEL: This is a sunset timelapse video at the rooftop bar on the 11th floor of The Last Hotel in Downtown St. Louis.

The Last Hotel allows guest to see a wonderful sunset along the St. Louis skyline. It highlights the Historic Garment District that was once filled with clothing manufactures from the turn of the century up to around WWII.

The Last Hotel
1501 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103


The Last Hotel nighttime view from rooftop bar

VIDEO: Timelapse from The Last Hotel’s rooptop pool and bar overlooking the St. Louis Garment District and Washington Avenue.

The view from The Last Hotel gives guest a beautiful view of the St. Louis skyline and gives everyone a view of the Historic Garment District that was once filled with clothing manufactures from the turn of the century up to around WWII.

Downtown STL, Inc. and City of St. Louis leaders announce the next major phase in the redevelopment of Washington Avenue’s historic Garment District, including the city’s choice of a nationally-renowned design firm to lead the development of new architecture within the district.

Fashion Designer Amanda Casarez Interviewed at The Last Hotel

Fashion Designer Amanda Casarez was interviewed by Dwight Carter, Creative Directer of Brainchild Events, for Fashion Anarchy: The Final Event at The Last Hotel on Washington Ave. in St. Louis.

Fashion Anarchy is a fashion-designer competition similar to Project Runway. Designers competing in Fashion Anarchy only have 48 hours to get their designs completed.

The designers will create their clothes in the lobby of The Last Hotel starting Thursday, Nov. 7 and be completed by Saturday, Nov. 9. Saturday is the main event that runs from 5:30PM to 11:00PM with a VIP reception, the competition and a VIP Afterparty.

Fashion Anarchy: The Final Event
By Brainchild Events
Presented By Saint Louis Fashion Fund

The Last Hotel
1501 Washington Ave, St. Louis
VIP Reception 5:30 – 6:30 PM


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Barbara Bultman
Courtney Tharpe
Amanda Carsarez

Special Thanks to John Gieseke,
Director of Sales at The Last Hotel

Video Produced and Directed
by Dwight Carter

Filmed at The Last Hotel, St. Louis

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