Busch Stadium an outside look

Busch Stadium goes by the name New Busch Stadium and Busch Stadium III. It is home of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Major League Baseball franchise in St. Louis, Missouri.

The baseball stadium has a seating capacity of 44,494, with 61 luxury suites and 3,706 high dollar club seats. The area called Ballpark Village is the official Sports District in St. Louis located next door to Busch Stadium. The new-found Sports District is filled will bars and restaurants that’s opened for late night fun.


Saint Louis Fashion Fund – Event Photography

Event photography at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund happens often and it is such an honor for photographers, professional and amateurs alike. All anyone needs is a cellphone with some kind of flash to get great photos. The bigger cameras are not really necessary anymore with today’s technology.

Event video created by for

Q: Then why do photographers like myself have the bigger cameras?
A: You actually don’t as long as you have friend with a smart phone who will act as the designated photographer for the event.

There were so many pictures taken at this event with cell phones that were so much better than mine. The lines between phones and the bigger cameras are getting blurred to a point where I can’t tell the difference anymore.

I did an experiment that I posted on YouTube video showing a picture of a restaurant from a $250 camera vs a $1000 full frame camera during the day. Spoiler Alert – there wasn’t any difference.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is a non-profit located in the historic Garment District neighborhood on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The event was a local fashion design competition called Fashion Anarchy produced by Dwight Carter of The show was seamless and so much fun.

These are a few sample photos of the event below that were were taken with flash.

St Louis MO

Grand Hall Light Show at Union Station Hotel

The Grand Hall 3D Light Show at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel is awesome and a must see. Multiple projectors fixed on the hotel’s beautiful 65-foot vaulted ceiling makes the old train station come alive with award winning imagery by Techno Media.

The first train pulled into Union Station on September 2, 1894. The highest traffic was during WWII and the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair…more at source:

The show was photographed 800 times with a  14mm wide-angle lens on a Sony A camera. The photos were then added as a sequence using Premiere Pro, the Adobe Creative Cloud movie editor. The music was added in post production provided by Epidemic Sound.

Shows run on the hour from 5pm-10pm daily.

St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton
1820 Market St, St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 231-1234

St Louis MO

Veterans Day Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum

The Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum was photographed on Veterans Day in honor for all who have served.

A 14mm wide-angle Rokinon lens was used which warps photos a bit. The warping can be fixed in lightroom, Photoshop and other photo editors but most of the time I leave the distortion in.

The Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum is owned by the City of St. Louis operated by the Missouri Historical Society.

Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum
1315 Chestnut St
St. Louis, MO 63103