Rachel Wood Steampunk-Missionary

Actress Rachel Wood portrays Rachel E. Pinkerton during Steampunk fashion photo shoot at Studio 858 also known as St. Louis Photo Authority in University City. She attends photo shoots with
D’Mort Productions at different locations around the city each year.

Rachel Pinkerton Wood played the CI-6 agent Lady Lydia Skylark in “The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk” known as “Sky.” She was the Caption that piloted the airship H.M.S Copernicus. Rachel not only models, she’s passionate about making the world a better place as well.

Mrs. Wood is is preparing to go on her second mission trip to Comas, Peru in July 2019. Her and others from Fellowship Bible Church will serve their sister churches in Comas through evangelism in schools, visiting orphans, ministering to the poor, and various service projects that will help equip the church for ministry.

You can donate funds to help pay for the travel costs at:!/#/9644/fsm-peru-2019/participants/103721/donate

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