The Delmar Loop

The Delmar Loop is a late-night entertainment and dining district with a cultural mix of restaurants that include BBQ restaurants, Mexican eateries, noodle bars, Korean cuisine and more. And don’t forget the locally owned and internationally famous Blueberry Hill that has a great menu at affordable prices.

You can enjoy a night on the town on Delmar Boulevard that lined with pubs and cocktail lounges along the Loop.

You can explore locally famous people with embedded stars along the sidewalks similar to Hollywood’s called “St. Louis Walk of Fame.” You will find names such as Chuck Berry, Maya Angelou and Betty Grable. You can grab a live shows and concerts at music venues at the Pageant and Delmar Hall as well.

Visit the Delmar Loop at:

Bailey Hairston Model, NANBF Competitor

Bailey Hairston is a tall and gorgeous fashion model and competes in NANBF and OCB fitness events.

Doc Phineas TV Film Actor

Doc Phineas AKA Ken Kastle is a veteran of TV and Film spanning 60 years in show business. 

Toby Holmes Cosplay Model

Toby Holmes is a model and cosplay girl that sells costume accessories and special effects makeup at anime conventions, renaissance festivals and cosplay events in the St. Louis area.

Ashley Curran Model

Ashley Curran is a stunning model and professional hairstylist. She has worked with many photographers at Studio 858 in University City near The Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO.