J. Stocking fashion show at The Last Hotel – The After Party

These are photos of the after party that followed the J. Stocking Anomaly Runway Fashion Show at The Last Hotel which was amazing.

The hotel happens to be located in the historic Garment District neighborhood of St. Louis and has become the place for runway shows, fashion design competition, up-scale pop-up fashion shops to name a few.

The runway show featured Designs by J. Stocking who is launching her stunning Winter collection designed for today’s modern woman. Thw 60-piece collection features couture, corporate, formal and modern-vintage fashions displayed by both established and emerging models.

Designs By J.Stocking, The Last Hotel, Remy Martin, HICLUB Exotics



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St. Louis Magazine

Photos of Karlie Kloss and Team Published in STL Mag.


St. Louis Cityscape Published in Alliance STL.

Local Ambition Reality TV

Models/Actresses Stormie Parks and Ronda Gully Published in Local Ambition Magazine

Ladue News

Photo of Audra Harrold, Program Manager of SLFF, Published in Ladue News

Saint Louis Magazine

Photo of Fashion Anarchy Owner and Designers Published in STL Mag

Explore Saint Louis

Photo of Angad Arts Hotel Published in Explore Saint Louis.


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St. Louis Ballet Fundraiser at Lordo’s Diamonds

St. Louis Ballet Cocktail Party and Fundraiser at Lordo’s Diamonds

The St. Louis Ballet boardmembers held a and cocktail party/fundraiser Dec. 10th at Lordo’s Diamonds on Clayton Road in Ladue, MO. A portion of what was sold during the event was donated to the SLB.