Saint Louis Fashion Fund – Event Photography

Event photography at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund happens often and it is such an honor for photographers, professional and amateurs alike. All anyone needs is a cellphone with some kind of flash to get great photos. The bigger cameras are not really necessary anymore with today’s technology.

Event video created by for

Q: Then why do photographers like myself have the bigger bulkier cameras?
A: You actually don’t as long as you a friend or two with smart phones that will act as designated photographers for the event.

There were so many pictures taken that night with cell phones that were so much better than mine. The lines between phones and the bigger cameras are getting blurred to a point where I can’t tell the difference anymore.

I did an experiment that I posted on YouTube video showing a picture of a restaurant from a $250 camera vs a $1000 full frame camera during the day. Spoiler Alert – there wasn’t any difference.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is a non-profit located in the historic Garment District neighborhood on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The event was a local fashion design competition called Fashion Anarchy produced by Dwight Carter of The show was seamless and so much fun.

These are a few sample photos of the event photos below that were were taken with and without flash.

Fireworks Fair Saint Louis [Timelapse Video]

This timelapse video of the Fair Saint Louis fireworks was filmed from Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, a beautiful Illinois park right across the Mississippi River from the Gateway Arch National Park.

The timeplapse condenses a 15 minute show into less than 1 minute. The music is a mixture of “Taps” and the “Battle Hymne of the Republic” that were downloaded from YouTube’s Audio Library.

The fireworks display, managed by J & M Displays, were shot from barges anchored in the middle of the Mississippi. The fireworks, presented by Edward Jones, started around 9:35 p.m. Before the fireworks start, both the Coast Guard and the St. Louis Fire Department inspect all the fireworks for safety.

Fair Saint Louis Fireworks 2019 [Photos]

The Fair Saint Louis fireworks were spectacular from the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park which is right across the Mississippi River from the Gateway Arch National Park.

The fireworks, by J & M Displays, were set off on barges anchored in the middle of the Mississippi River. The fireworks were presented by Edward Jones that started around 9:35 p.m. The Coast Guard and St. Louis Fire Department inspect the fireworks setup each year for safety.

This was the first time we have visited the Malcolm W. Memorial Park and it was wonderful. All the parking spots by 9:20 p.m. were taken so if you plan on going next year, you will need to get there early enough to get a spot.

The popular Mississippi River Overlook was inundated with people and photographers so we took the path of least resistance which turned out to be an empty field that smelled of freshly cut grass. It was a beautiful steamy night, really. By the end of the fireworks, the smell of grass was mixed with smoke. It was a unique fragrance that lingered on for a while due to the stillness of the night.

Live fireworks hit all the senses unlike any video game. The explosions are so loud they can damage your ears and the lingering smoke is actually cancerous. Like drinking a shot of whisky and chasing it down with a cigarette, it’s probably not healthy but it sure makes you feel good at the time.

Angad Arts Hotel St. Louis with Sony A7

Angad Arts Hotel has a stunning view on the 12th-floor patio and Downtown St. Louis from the Angad is like a 3-mile light show. It’s the newest cityscape view of St. Louis with the Arch in the far background as well.

There were over 2000 photos taken on opening night – 11.01.2018.  It was raining at that time so the patio was vacant. I was equipped with my rain coat and hat along with an umbrella.

I took long exposures so I brought a tripod to keep it steady. My ISO was set at 50, the lowest setting which tends to bring out the shadows and enriches the colors as well. And I want to thank the staff for being so kind.

Lenses: Sony 85mm 1.8, Rokinon 14mm 2.8
Tripod: yes
Weather: cold and rainy used umbrella for camera and hat for my head

Angad Arts Hotel (Grand Center Arts District)
3550 Samuel Shepard Dr
St. Louis, MO 63103

Grand Center Arts District

Music Video featuring Grand Center Arts District

The Grand Center Arts District is vibrant urban neighborhood filled with high-end art galleries and live venues such as the Fabulous Fox theater and Powell Hall, home of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

A mix of Italian eateries, steakhouses and bars with live music are great for date night or some late-night fun.

Visit The Grand Center at: