GROVE FEST STL – photos made possible by Cannonball Advertising

Photos of Grove Fest STL 2019 were made possible by Cannonball Advertising Agency, a local ad and marketing agency in St. Louis. The entire event was flawless and everyone had a great time as you can tell by the photos. Bravo Grove Fest STL!!!


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1. One photographer on site for up to one hour.
2. Edited photos and music video of entire shoot.
3. Start receiving pics same day via Google Photos link.
4. Never hidden charges such as for traveling, editing to name a few.
See Fashion Show as sample.

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Red Carpet Premier Event Photography

Event Photography settings were used while photographing the Local Ambition Season VIII Red Carpet Premier by Always Late TV. The lighting was perfect on the red carpet but outside the red carpet area was dark.

Sony A7SII Camera settings for photos: ISO 50, Shutter Speed 1/200, Aperture F 1.8, Flash TTL (Auto)
Sony A7SII Camera settings for hand-held video: 24 FPS, ISO Auto, Shutter Speed 1/50, Aperture F 1.8

It was at the Marcus Ronnie’s Cinema and like most theaters the hallways leading to the different shows were lighted with soft-dim bulbs. This let your eyes get acclimated to the dark before entering the theater because the actual theater rooms are even darker. Matt Schmitt from Artist United Network set up the red carpet stage and it was like a slice of Hollywood was added to the cinema that night.

Since the lighting was dark, I used on-camera-flash set on automatic also known as TTL. Quick note, when you are in TTL and want the camera to do the flash calculations automatically, set the exposure to zero. If you, lets say, set your flash power to (1) it will flash at (1) canceling out TTL mode (automatic mode). Again, the flash in TTL Mode must be set at zero for the flash to go off at different lighting levels.

Event Photography is pretty simple really. Shoot as much as you can so you have a lot to choose from. For every 1000 pictures I take, only about 150 of them will turn out. Some wedding photographers take thousands of pics due to this. You just don’t know what you got until you get home. Some people call this spray-and-pray but this ideology, even though frowned upon with some photographers, hasn’t let me down yet.

My advice, especially if you are still new, take as many photos and clips as possible. You can never have too many pictures or clips. Here are a few sample pictures of the event below.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund – Event Photography

Event photography at the Saint Louis Fashion Fund happens often and it is such an honor for photographers, professional and amateurs alike. All anyone needs is a cellphone with some kind of flash to get great photos. The bigger cameras are not really necessary anymore with today’s technology.

Event video created by for

Q: Then why do photographers like myself have the bigger cameras?
A: You actually don’t as long as you have friend with a smart phone who will act as the designated photographer for the event.

There were so many pictures taken at this event with cell phones that were so much better than mine. The lines between phones and the bigger cameras are getting blurred to a point where I can’t tell the difference anymore.

I did an experiment that I posted on YouTube video showing a picture of a restaurant from a $250 camera vs a $1000 full frame camera during the day. Spoiler Alert – there wasn’t any difference.

Saint Louis Fashion Fund is a non-profit located in the historic Garment District neighborhood on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. The event was a local fashion design competition called Fashion Anarchy produced by Dwight Carter of The show was seamless and so much fun.

These are a few sample photos of the event below that were were taken with flash.

Fireworks Fair Saint Louis [Timelapse Video]

This timelapse video of the Fair Saint Louis fireworks was filmed from Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park, a beautiful Illinois park right across the Mississippi River from the Gateway Arch National Park.

The timeplapse condenses a 15 minute show into less than 1 minute. The music is a mixture of “Taps” and the “Battle Hymne of the Republic” that were downloaded from YouTube’s Audio Library.

The fireworks display, managed by J & M Displays, were shot from barges anchored in the middle of the Mississippi. The fireworks, presented by Edward Jones, started around 9:35 p.m. Before the fireworks start, both the Coast Guard and the St. Louis Fire Department inspect all the fireworks for safety.